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No. All ProtonVPN users, even those on our Free plan, have unlimited bandwidth and data.However, it is likely that your connection will be slightly slower when you are connected to one of our VPN servers than it is when you are browsing the Internet without using ProtonVPN. In the Outgoing Interface Bandwidth text box, type the amount of bandwidth provided by the network. Use your Internet connection upload speed (in Kbps rather than KBps) as the limit for external interfaces. Set your LAN interface bandwidth based on the current or maximum link speed supported by the devices in your LAN. Click OK. Click OK again. Maximum bandwidth is the bandwidth a user can use through the VPN connection. This is a limit on how much the user can use if there is bandwidth available. For example, if the user's maximum bandwidth is 100 kbps, the user cannot use more than 100 kbps regardless how much available bandwidth. The internet bandwidth of Office A is 50 Mbps. The test result didn't match the theory, so that I have to asking for help. Now we're considering perform more testing such as establishing VPN connection from other offices, changing VPN device and copying files across VNet to VNet. I will post on here if have any update. Thanks. JX

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Reducing the bandwidth of Distribution Points (DPs) and follow some guidelines can help you to successful distribute patches without overloading your VPN infrastructure until you are able to configure VPN split tunnel. If you have VPN split tunnel in place just scroll to scenario 1 and follow one of the mentioned links. The challenges: Cookbook | FortiGate / FortiOS 6.2.0 | Fortinet To configure an interface bandwidth limit in the GUI: Go to Network > Interfaces. Edit port1. In the Traffic Shaping section set the following options: Enable Inbound Bandwidth and enter 200. The default bandwidth unit is kbps. Enable Outbound Bandwidth and enter 400. The default bandwidth … 80% Bandwidth Reduction With Cisco AnyConnect Client I am a help desk analyst and we are testing the Cisco AnyConnect client (version 4.2.04018). Several of us are experiencing an 80% reduction in available bandwidth with this new client, and there doesn't seem to be a clear consensus as to why this is happening.